Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Non-Stress Tests and the waiting game

Well, we are done with cardiology appointments until this little man makes his appearance (which is in 5 weeks, for those of you who are counting!).  Now, we are working more closely with the Perinatologists (the doctors who will actually do the delivery) and my regular OB appointments. 

One thing we have started doing are weekly Non-Stress Tests (NST).  Each week, I go in for about 20-30 minutes and they monitor the heart heart and movement of the baby to make sure everything is still looking good.  This gives them an idea of whether or not we will need to move up the delivery because of stress on the baby.  Fortunately, our little man has been perfect so far!  If it wasn't for his heart, he would extremely healthy.  His heart rate is always great, he moves more than any human ever has...EVER, and all his measurements come back normal.  In my mind, this just shows me that he is going to have the strength to get through what is definitely going to be a long road for him.

Now, in other news...the waiting game.  I have to say, my attitude at this stage of pregnancy this time around is very different than last time.  With Logan, I was so ready to have him out!  I was extremely uncomfortable and 5-6 weeks sounded like such a long time!  Now, I am not going to say that I am not uncomfortable this time...I think I am more uncomfortable with this pregnancy (Insomnia and my psoriasis have definitely made it more difficult!), but 5 weeks just does NOT seem like that long!  When I think about the journey that we are going to begin once he is here, I just can't seem to grasp that it is going to begin in just a matter of 5 weeks.  This is crazy!!


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Joshua Kent Ipson was born December 1, 2012 with a very complicated combination of congenital heart defects. After 2 1/2 months of fighting for his life, he passed away on February 13, 2013. We invite you to share our experiences as we grieve his loss, rejoice in God's plan, & keep Joshua's message of hope alive.
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